Contact Joe for assignment photography: portraits, media relations, press kit, marketing and publicity photography, lifestyle, health & fitness, documentary, corporate, books, magazines, editorial, on location international and regional projects, industrial,  travel, features, landscape, gardens, horticultural, business, advertising, publication, product photography and web imagery. Most of the photos shown on the site are available for purchase as quality fine art prints.  I maintain an extensive photographic archive of horticultural, landscapes, cityscapes and fitness subjects.

Some facts about Joe:

Likes to shoot environmental portraits,  architecture, landscapes-natural and designed, skylines, big cities, small towns, beautiful women, ugly guys, marching bands, food, restaurants, hotels, buildings, plants, flowers, gardens, close-ups &  wide shots and photos that tell a story, make you laugh and make you want to know more.

Registered with SAM, System for Award Management for Federal and Local governmental contract readiness.

Credit cards accepted.

Member of ASMP, Editorial Photographers, APA and GWA.

Joe grew up in Denver, has lived in Madrid, Barcelona, Brooklyn, Manhattan and now enjoys being a photographer in Birmingham, Alabama.

Joe knows the difference from a six color Heidelberg and a Hydrangea macrophylla.

Joe likes sustainability especially for photographers.  He likes green and blue things too.

Joe is a vegetarian, since 1991—go figure!

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